M-GEN is diligent and responsible to protect your privacy and committed to protect your personal information according to this Privacy Policy. By using this website or blogs that belongs to our affiliates you are accepting the use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree to this agreement, please do not use our website. Privacy Policy do not include the following:

  • Information collected by the third party websites, platforms and applications which are not in our control (“Third Party Websites”)
  • Information collected by the Third Party Websites which have links in our website or,
  • Banners, Drawings and other Ads on Third Party Websites which are sponsored or participated by us

Third Party Websites have their own privacy policy rules and conditions. We encourage you to read the rules before you disclose your personal information to Third Party Websites.

Major part of our website is for the use of users who are at least 18 years old or older. Use of our website by the infants , incurs an approval of their parents’ or vast’s (the legal age period vary from country to country) which shall be received before collecting their personal information in accordance with the data protection laws and regulations. If we realize such a data collection without receiving prior approval, we will delete all the information as soon as possible. If you are under 18 but at an age that you do not have to receive an approval from your parents according to Turkish law, still you shall look over this Privacy Policy with the company of yoru parents and be sure that both of you understood the terms. Only users who are at least 18 years old and older has the right to gain achivements, prizes, promotions or other gifts from our website.

We may use your personal information to maintain age authentication controls. Throughout this “Privacy Policy” we use term “personal information” to describe information or bid of information which helps identification of your identity. These are typically; your name, address, user name, profile picture, e-mail address and telephone number. However it may also include information such as your IP address, shopping behaviours, your life style choices, hobbies and interests. We may collect information in different ways like; collecting directly from you, automatically when you use our website or from third party sources.

We can collect direct information from you; when you participate to award-winning drawings or contests, when you ask for information, when you use our applications, when you purchase a service or product, when you fill a survey or ask a question or make a comment in our website.

The information we directly collect from you includes the following: Your name, address, e-mail address, user name, telephone number, credit card number or other payment information, age, date of birth, gender, user generated contents, user comments or other contents.

The information we automaticaly collect when you use our website: When you visit our website we may use cookies or other identifiers (web analysis agents and pixel tags) to collect automatic information. This information includes: information about your browser, details of the websites you have visited, your IP address, links you have clicked, user name, profile picture, gender, networks, all other information you accepted to share while visiting Third Party Websites (i.e use of “like” button in Facebook or +1 function in Google +).

We may also collect personal information about you from existing commercial sources such as open databases, data collectors and third parties whom you give consent to share of your personal information.

The personal infotmation we collect from these sources includes the following: Your name, address, age, shopping behaviours, your hobbies and interests, your life style choices, user generated contents, public informations such blogs and articles.

We may use your personal information for the following purposes: Valuation of our websites and services, to analyse advertisement, contest and promotion efforts, to statistically analyse site use according to website activities such as timings of your visit, whether you have previously visited or not, our website clicked upon thruogh which websites, also to customize your user experience; to simplfy the use of our website and improve overall quality of our services according to your interest and expectations, - for example, an application will remember that you have previously given your personal information and will not ask again- also, like your IP address, or web browser and operating system, to collect information about the device you use to provide you a better web experience, to inform you about the products and services limited with your interests, to offer you products and services that can attract your attention, to give you a chance for participating to contests or promotions, to provide you the products and services you ask, to manage the contests or pronmotion you participated, to provide you the information, products or samples you ask, to answer your questions or comments. We will also send you direct marketing communications if you wish to receive and only if it has relation to a product or service you have requested before. All the direct marketing communications you receive will be including information about the cancelling methods and process.

With whom do we share your information? In principle, we do not share any of your personal information with any third party other then us. But there are also few safe third parties whom we may share your personal information with.

We may share your personal information with the following: advertising agencies to analyse the effectiveness of our advertising and publicity campaigns, cargo companies which makes the delivery of your orders or postal services, third parties who are needed for the delivery of the services or products, law enforcement, governmental agencies, or third parties whom you consent to receive information about their products and services limited with your interest, web analyse agent suppliers like Google or Unica. We guarantee you that if we share information with any third party, we will only use your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and existing data protection laws and regulations.

Where do we use and store your personal information?

Main servers of the M-GEN websites are located in İstanbul/Turkey. They will be transmissioned and processed in accordance with the regional laws and regulations on data protection. may have to move servers to another location, by accepting the Privacy Policy you give this consent. (In case of such a location change, always current data protection laws and regulations will be applied). You shall be aware of the fact that laws and regulations on data protection in other counties will not be always as protective as in your country. But we guarantee you that any party processing your information has to develop measures to protect your information and can only process this information with our instructions. We take all the necessary precautions to keep your personal information safe and to guarantee that all the third parties whom processes on our name provides the same. Access to your personal information is restricted for the sake of avoiding unauthorized access, editing or misuses and as confidential information, only accessable between our employees and representitives. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about how we maintain your personal information, you can contact us through the application section in our website info@m-gen.biz, which also leaded you to this Privacy Policy.

You shall inform us about the following situaitons: If you do not want us to contact you in the future, if you want to receive a copy of the personal information we collected about you, if you want us to edit, update or delete your personal information collected in our database, if you want to declare the misuse of your personal information. Please enter your fullname and give details about the subject to help us in the process of your request.

We reserve the right to change this Agreement by uploading new versions from time to time. We will notify you whe new materials added. We recommend you to visit our website often to update your info about how you should use your personal information. In addition to this Privacy Policy, websites of M-GEN may enclose further privacy conditions or policies to manage specific campaigns or promotions. Incase of participating to such campaigns or promotions, you shall confirm the additional condition and policies, hence we recommend you to read these before your participation. Other additional privacy conditions and policies will be noticeably announced in our website.